PDXCUG Meeting Highlights

Vol. 1, No. 6 - October 14, 2010 - Meeting Highlights

This evening's meeting was a little less typical with a lot of discussion about club-related business. We discussed the future of the Commodore Joystick Switch and its associated plans. Members voiced their ideas on meeting times and places. As a result, the meetings will be held once again at Sunset Lanes with an earlier starting time of 6:00 pm instead of 7:00pm. This will give members a chance to set up equipment and have time to copy disks or fix equipment while waiting for others to arrive.

Here are some of the highlights of our meeting.

Halloween Games

We had about 30 Commodore 64 Games to choose from - see the full list of Scary Halloween Games for the Commodore 64 that we had available.

Ghostbusters Game for the Commodore 64
Ghosts'n Goblins Game for the Commodore 64
Ghouls n Ghosts Game for the Commodore 64
Castles of Dr. Creep Game for the Commodore 64

Meeting Snapshots

Commodore Computers

Commodore Computers

Member Ernie sets up his PAL Commodore 64 to show off Fortress of Narzod which doesn't work on NTSC machines. Fun game!

PAL Commodore 64 Computer

PAL Commodore 64

Ernie's monitor has an excellent picture - here it is, showing JiffyDOS installed.

Commodore Vic-20 Computer


A Vic-20 playing a Pac-Man Clone.

Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion

Members got to play a little Maniac Mansion, along with other Halloween games.

Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion

Here's a close-up of the game.

Epyx 500XJ Joystick

Epyx 500XJ Analog Joystick

Member Agent Friday brought this cool version of the Epyx Joystick we're all familiar with. Except this one is analog. It has a switch to allow free-form analog control or a spring-loaded "return-to-center".

Epyx 500XJ Joystick

Epyx Joystick

This joystick has not just one button, but two, unlike its Commodore-version brother.

Amiga CD32

Amiga CD32

Amazing System

"The World's First 32-bit CD Games Console" - This Amiga CD32 system was purchased brand-new from a Commodore dealer back in the day and has been sitting in storage for years. Original owner Goog brought his rare treasure to show off and share with members of the Portland Commodore Users Group. This system is so clean and new, it still has the plastic protective film over the plastic parts and original tie-wraps around the a/v cables (the ones shown are not the original, to protect the wrapping of the original). It is a fully-complete system, with all wires, power supply, controller, manual and box.

Goog brought plenty of games to show off, too, such as: Impossible Mission 2025, Trolls, Skeleton Krew, Litil Divil, Labyrinth of Time, Alien Breed, Alfred Chicken, Humans 1 & 2, Battle Chess, The Last Ninja 3, Theme Park, and many more!

Amiga CD32 in Box
Amiga CD32 Controller
Amiga CD32 Console
PDX Club Member Playing Impossible Mission 2025 on the Amiga CD32
Impossible Mission 2025 on the Amiga CD32