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Commodore Computers

Our group specializes in Commodore 64, SX-64, Commodore Vic-20, Commodore 128 and other Commodore computers. We meet regularly to discuss ideas, code, brainstorm projects, participate in the scene, and play games.

About our Members

Our members are dedicated and involved in pursuing Commodore-related projects and ideas. If you are interested in Commodore computers, feel free to join us - Our members are friendly and welcome all levels of interest. Please visit our Membership Page for assistance in becoming a member.

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Next PDXCUG Meeting

Next Meeting Thursday, August 08, 2024 6:30 pm

Meeting info and map

Portland Commodore Users Group Meetings Online

Come play games with us or chat during our next Users Group meeting with VICE or a Comet64

Commodore Donations

Commodore Computer and Software Donations

Our club will gladly accept your donations, such as Commodore computers, software, disks or cartridges.

You can rest assured that the items you donate will be graciously accepted, put to good use, and cared for. Thank you!

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From the Blog

Live Screencasts from Our Commodore 64 to Yours

We are proud to announce that, with the power of the Internet and CommodoreServer, we are able to broadcast a live screen, in real time, from our Commodore 64 to yours...

modBASIC - BASIC, with Local Variables and Parameter Passing

Agent Friday has been working on reducing some of the frustrations of using BASIC on a Commodore 64...

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Your Commodore Online

CS Chat for Windows

Chat with others, launch games and apps from the Internet with VICE

More Info


Access D64 files and play games over the Internet from a Commodore computer.

More Info

Comet Chat 1.5

This new installment of Comet Chat allows for custom fonts and game launching with online friends.

Miaou - Chat for Windows

Here is a Windows-based chat app for chatting in CommodoreServer's chat rooms. Download Miaou