PDXCUG Commodore Meetings LIVE, Online

As you know, the Portland Commodore Users Group meets monthly. But we also connect with other users from around the globe using CommodoreServer.com's chat and gaming rooms. Use real Commodore hardware (or emulation with VICE) to chat with us live, during our meeting.

There are many options for chatting with a real Commodore, Windows, or by using VICE, so choose the one that's right for you and come join us during our meeting.

  • Meetings are held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:00pm Pacific Time (1:00 AM GMT)
  • Join us in the c64 room

Choose Your Internet Device

We offer chat programs for the most common Internet devices as well as emulated devices from within VICE.

Comet64 Internet Modem

Comet64 Internet Modem

There are multiple programs that will work using the Comet64 Internet Modem.


Group Zork (Zork Game plus Chat Feature)

Group Zork is an online game where you can play a game of Zork while chatting with others in the same room. You can also watch other people play, or just use the program to chat with others. (see post Group Zork, a Multi-Player Experience)

Works in VICE - see instructions below.

Start V-1541 and without logging-in, type:


Comet Chat

A simple chat program for chatting with others. Allows room changes and monitoring of other channels. Maybe also be used with VICE (see instructions below).

Start V-1541 and without logging-in, type:

NOTE: V-1541 v2.2 is required for Comet Chat v1.4


RikChat (Commodore 128 in 80-col. Mode)

An excellent 80-column chat program that works on the Commodore 128. It is a multitasking program written in BASIC, running at 2400 baud - but is smooth and fast!

Download RikChat

Or to Download/SAVE from C64 Mode - start V-1541 and type:


Make sure your Comet64 is set to 2400 baud before running RikChat. For more information, visit Using the Wiz Config Utility to View/Change Comet64 Settings



ChatteRR-Box (Chat Program for RR-NET)

This program is strictly for chatting. It uses RR-Net compatible devices - no clunky configuration. Just run it and it connects immediately, using DHCP. Works with real RR-NET devices or using the RR-NET feature in VICE.

Download ChatteRR-Box here.

Commodore Flyer

Commodore Flyer

Flyer Chat

Another chat-only program that offers the same features as Comet Chat.

Load directly from the Internet with your Flyer:


Firmware 1.1.7 or greater required.


PC / Windows


Here's a program that looks and feels like an instant messenger-type app for Windows, called Miaou. Easy, single-file program - no setup required.

Download Miaou here.


No Internet Device - How to Use Vice

You can use Comet Chat, Group Zork, or ChatteRR-Box with VICE. Just follow the instructions for each below.

To Use Comet Chat or Group Zork, your VICE must be configured to access the Internet via the RS-232 emulation.

Group Zork in VICE

Configure RS-232 in VICE: Access the Internet Using V-1541 in VICE

Download Group Zork

After downloading, attach the disk (ALT+8) and type:


Comet Chat in VICE

Configure RS-232 in VICE: Access the Internet Using V-1541 in VICE

Download Comet Chat (on the V-1541 Public Disk)

After downloading, attach the disk (ALT+8) and type:

SYS 49152

ChatteRR-Box in VICE

To use ChatteRR-Box in VICE, your VICE must be configured to emulate the RR-NET device.

Configure RR-NET in VICE: Access the Internet Using V-1541 in VICE with RR-NET

Download ChatteRR-Box

Start ChatteRR-Box: