Group Zork, a Multi-Player Experience

Our own Agent Friday has been working on a new online, multi-player game for several months now, as first seen in our May 13, 2010 Meeting. At the same time, there have been new developments going on with CommodoreServer to bring a new type of gaming service devoted to multi-player games.

The two services work together to provide a new spin on Zork - an online, multi-player experience, where members of CommodoreServer can meet up in a game room and chat with one another during game play. One user can be playing a game of Zork while others watch the game being carried out. All the while, still being able to chat with other users.

It's a truly amazing experience. One that I highly recommend trying out. To make it even more accessible, Agent Friday has made it possible to use this game using VICE 2.2 - simply load up Group Zork .d64 and you're ready to go. No extra hardware required!

Some more information on getting started with Group Zork - download it and give it a whirl.