PDXCUG Meeting Highlights

Vol. 1, No. 7 - November 11, 2010 - Meeting Highlights

What a great meeting - we really had several great discussions on programming techniques for the Commodore 64 and Vic-20. Two great presentations: Ernie discussed his method for creating his C64 game and Dan showed us his code for his Vic-20 terminal program.

Here are some of the meeting highlights.

Show & Tell: Analog Joystick Interface

Member Dan brought his long-lost analog joystick interface. It allows a modern PC joystick to plug into a stock Commodore joystick port. The PC joystick plugs into one side and the other side feeds into the Commodore joystick port. He designed it in the 1990s (his own design) so that he could use his Gravis gamepad with his Atari and Vic-20.

Analog Joystick Interface
Analog Joystick Interface - Commodore Side
Analog Joystick Interface - PC Joystick Side
Analog Joystick Interface

Other Show & Tell

MOS Technology Datasheets Book

MOS Technology Datasheets Book

This book has all of the MOS Technology specifications for every chip. It even contains information on devices that never made it to market.

MOS 6508 Processor

6508 Processor?

Ever hear of the MOS 6508? Here is the preliminary datasheet showing that it contains a full page of on-board RAM, among other things.

Gravis Joystick

Gravis Joystick

Member Goog brought his Gravis Joystick - it has an adjustable tensioner and 3 buttons, each with their own button configuration options for rapid fire.

Silver Label Commodore 64

Silver Label Commodore 64

Goog brought his first-generation C64, also known as the "Silver Label" - this was one of the first runs of the Commodore 64 in 1982.

Presentation: Vic-20 Development



Dan showed us some of his development efforts on the terminal program he is creating for the Vic-20. The program uses the RS-232 port and communicates over the Internet using the Comet64 Internet Modem or a null-modem connection to a PC. In one of the pictures to the right, you can see an RS-232 device which translates signals on the User Port to a standard DB-9 RS-232 connector. More to come.

Vic-20 Vicmodem
RS-232 User Port Device on the Vic-20
Vic-20 Mega Cart
Clowns on the Vic-20

Evening Snapshots

PDXCUG Member Kirsten

Member Kirsten

Long-standing member Kirsten showing off her membership status by holding our sign for her friends that don't believe her. FYI - she's been with us since the very first meeting!

Commodore 8Bit Weapon

Commodore 8Bit Weapon

Ahhh, a perfect match - Commodore and 8Bit Weapon, as displayed by another perfect match - Goog and Amber!

8Bit Weapon T-shirt

8Bit Weapon Shirt

There's nothing as pleasing as a giant C64 asterisk plastered on a shirt!

PDX Club Member Ernie

Commodore 64 Development on a PC

Ernie is getting ready for his presentation on "programming techniques for the C64 using VICE and other tools".

Portland Club Members Agent Friday and Dan

Agent Friday and Dan

Dan was explaining some of the fine points of his analog joystick interface to Agent Friday when I interrupted their conversation for a photo.

PDX Club Member on Commodore Computer

Bruce Lee

Playing a little Bruce Lee during game time.

Championship Wrestling on the DTV

Championship Wrestling on the DTV

While some members prefer professional wrestling...

Sumo on the DTV

Sumo on the DTV

...others prefer a little Sumo wrestling.

Commodore Joystick Switch Prototype

Commodore Joystick Switch Prototype

Here is the completed prototype of the Commodore Joystick Switch group project.

Clowns on the Commodore 64

Clowns using the Joystick Switch

We fired up a game that uses the paddles to demonstrate that the analog signals work fine in the Commodore Joystick Switch.

PAL Commodore 64

PAL Commodore 64

Member Ernie brought his PAL Commodore 64 again so we could play some Fortress of Narzod.

Fortress of Narzod on the Commodore 64

Fortress of Narzod

Playing a little Fortress of Narzod