PDXCUG Meeting Highlights

Vol. 2, No. 11 - November 10, 2011 - Meeting Highlights

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia was released for Easy Flash and we flashed it and played it. A really nice game and extremely well-done. If you have an Easy Flash cartridge, you should definitely try this game. What a lot of fun!

Prince of Persia

Chat with Bil Herd

We had a nice little surprise this month - a visit from Bil Herd during our Online Virtual Meeting!

After chatting a bit, we decided to put together a quick video chat between Bil and our group so that he could see us all and we could see some Commodore items he has in his collection. What a great session! Bil had some really cool tidbits and stories to tell to our group.

Also rather neat was Daytona had a BETA version of RikChat128 (as you can see in the chat log). It is an 80-column chat program for use with the Comet64 Internet Modem on the Commodore 128 or VICE 128.

Video Stream with Bil Herd
Video Stream with Bil Herd
Video Stream and Chat with Bil Herd
Chat with Bil Herd on CommodoreServer

38.4K Baud on User Port--Done!

Agent Friday has completed the 38K baud RS-232 driver. He demoed this for our group to see first but will be releasing it shortly to be used in V-1541 for CommodoreServer.

Agent Friday with 38K Baud Demo

CSD Demo Disk

CSD Demo Disk - Commodore 64
CSD Demo Disk - Commodore 64
CSD Demo Disk - Commodore 64

CSD has sent us some cool programs, demos and utilities for our group to look at. Though I didn't take pictures of all of them, here are three you can see. Nice work, CSD!

Commodore Hardware

Goog's Blue Commodore 64

Goog's Blue Commodore 64 with an Easy Flash, JiffyDOS, a cool little IEC port expander (see below), a 1541, a CMD-20, and a 1581. Has Lode Runner playing on the screen.

1541 Ultimate II

This is a 1541 Ultimate II, plugged-in to a Commodore SX-64.

Commodore 1581 Disk Drive and CMD-20 Hard Drive

Goog's 1581 and CMD-20. The CMD-20 burned-up, so I'll be putting in a new CF card to replace it.

Jeff Opening a CMD-20

Jeff attempting to open the CMD-20 hard drive.

Commodore Amiga 600

Commodore Amiga A600
A600 with GenCom's Black A600
GenCom's A600 Disk Collection
Member Miru Opening the A600

Show & Tell

IEC Port Expander

Goog says: I picked up this little guy at ECCC in September from Jim Peters. He made a few of these and I was lucky enough to get one. I really like the small footprint and cool design. Sadly, there are no more - I and DMackey got the last two.

Commodore 64 Arcade Joysticks

This thing is really cool - Jeff made it to be used as an arcade-style joystick for the Commodore 64. Rather than constructing it with a new design, he used an off-the-shelf shelf. Makes for some good two-player shoot-em-ups.